Don’t miss out on the multi-million dollar invention by an American genius!

Is Robert Delaney an American genius? Akos Jankura ‘The Solutionist’ believes that he is. Listen to Robert Delaney as he educates the audience about his multi-million dollar invention.

It’s official! Our Kickstarter campaign – Bob’s Butt Wipes & Hanging Flushable Wipe Dispenser is live.

Our Kickstarter campaign is now live. We need your help to reach our funding goal of $10,000! All financial backers will receive great rewards for supporting the next multi-million dollar invention. Please support us on Kickstarter! The last day to contribute to our project is August 25, 2015.

Starter Packs & Subscriptions – available now.

We have great news – we are now offering starter packs and subscriptions for our products. Begin with our NEW Starter Packs – 2 Canisters and 4 Wipe Refill Packs. Follow that with a convenient subscription. Sign up now and we’ll ship twelve 42ct. Wipe Refill Packs of whichever product you like – Lil’ Booty’s Adventure Wipes, Bob’s Butt Wipes or BouDe Wipes. Products will be shipped every three months. Visit our subscription page for more details.

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