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Being a contractor in the New Orleans metropolitan area I am no stranger to harsh weather conditions, blistering heat in the summer and miserable rain in the winter. Because of this, I have spent many hours working from the front seat of my truck and this is exactly where our story begins.

While sitting in my truck making a phone call one day I noticed one of my subcontractors carrying a container of baby wipes with him. I thought it an odd thing, at first glance, for a man to be carrying around a large container of baby wipes with him on a construction site. Curious as I am I could not help but to delve just a bit deeper, asking him relentlessly all about the wipes, until to the point of practically prying. The uncomfortable looks on my co-workers faces told me that I had asked just about enough intruding questions for one day. As short-lived as my research may have been here, it had now become obvious that baby wipes on a construction site were not that odd after all, in fact, they were quite the norm. Just because they were working on a construction site does not mean that anyone enjoys being dirty, and baby wipes seemed to be the simplest and best all around solution for staying clean while on the go.

After catching my attention I had decided it was time for me to try the wipes out for myself. I will admit that at first I was surprisingly satisfied, and it was not long before baby wipes became a regular on my grocery list. However, as I continued to experiment with the different types of wipes on the market I realized that they all had the exact same problems, bad packaging. No matter the brand, shape, or size, the wipes all had poorly sealed containers, which would eventually cause the wipes to dry out, rendering them useless. Not being able to find any superior products on the market I decided it was time for me to create a few prototypes of my own.

After distributing the prototypes around to colleagues, friends, and family the feedback I received was incredible. Not only did the men find the improved packaging to be better suited for their particular needs, but their wives also loved the new products and approved of the increased durability and extended shelf life that the new canisters had provided.

Soon after, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans along with the rest of the Gulf Coast. As I turned my focus and attention to re-building my beloved city I was forced to throw all my prototypes in a cardboard box where they would sit for the next three years.

As things finally began slowing down towards the end of 2008 an ad for flushable wipes caught my eye. Flushable wipes were just hitting the market and I was eager to find out everything there was to know about them. As I researched these new products I was surprised to learn that there was still a lack of quality wipes on the market. I decided it was finally time to dust off my old prototypes and begin working to build a superior line of wipes, a line that I would be proud enough to put my name on.

After three years of unremitting research, designing, and testing we are extremely proud to present to you our full line of superior flushable wipes. We hope that you love and appreciate these products as much as we do!

Robert J. Delaney, III
Sterling Global Products