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There is a lot of media based information available to help you learn more about Sterling Global Products Flushable Wipes and Hanging Wipes dispenser.

Why use our products?  Read some reviews and then decide for yourself.

Sterling Global Products enjoys significant media coverage.  We have been featured in print and television items, enjoyed some product placement, and run a number of entertaining and memorable commercial advertisements.

Bob’s regularly updated blog will keep you informed on the newest trends in personal care and the flushable wipe industry.

Billboard for Bob's Butt Wipes1Our retailers benefit from our advertising endeavors as well.  Call us now at 985-288-5966 to ask how we can partner with your organization to create a memorable piece showcasing our products in your store, venture, or other situation.

We offer coupons, exhibit in a number of international trade shows, and continue to create new, exciting campaigns to continue to drive successful product marketing.